Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vacation begins with a blessing....

!!!!What better way to begin a vacation!!!!

After nearly four long hours of waiting at Mumbai airport, I finally reached Chennai airport @ 5 AM as scheduled on 26 Dec 2008. A hassle free customs and baggage claim finally made me reach the lobby of the domestic terminal @ 5:45 AM. The thought that my next flight to Coimbatore is 3 hrs away added extra flavor to the lull and dullness I experienced at the Mumbai airport. Then the magic happened which elevated my excitement to the pinnacle and maintains it even today....

Padmasree Dr. K.J.Yesudas entered the airport with his wife and checked in to the Kingfisher airlines counter. Once he was done with his check in formalities, I went and took blessings from him and wished him "Belated Christmas Aasamshagal". And I told him that I am very excited and happy to have met him there. What followed was an unexpected small chit chat session and I have tried to reproduce the same for those interested -

I mentioned to him that I was on my way back from US. He enquired about my place of residence for which I said it's near Philadelphia. He mentioned that he lives in Dallas and his sons are also employed there except for Vijay who lives in Chennai. And he enquired whether I am in Software for which I replied in the affirmative. I then told him that I used to attend his concerts when I used to be in Chennai. He then mentioned about certain dates when he has his concerts in Chennai in the ongoing December Music Season 2008. It was time for him to leave and my mind and the excitement was never the same again. It has already been transformed into an ecstatic level....
Thanks to the unknown friend of mine who took the fotograph.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Margazhi Raagam - Experiment on Classical Music

... And here it is... the first ever bold experiment on South Indian Classical Music....

Imagine how it would be.. to sit inside a cinema hall in utter darkness, with all the sound effects of the latest technology and treating yourself to a Carnatic Musical Concert without the usual disturbances or distractions that is common to the Sabhas of today. If you are a classical Music enthusiast, then here is the GOOD news for you!!!!!

Whatever you imagined just now will turn to REALITY on 19 Dec 2008 across Chennai. Satyam Cinemas, Mayajaal and Anu Ega will host the first ever bold experiment on Carnatic Music - "Margazhi Raagam", a Carnatic Musical Concert as a film. Featuring Bombay Jayashri and T.M.Krishna, both stalwarts in ther domain, this will prove to be the first-of-it's-kind experience for all the eager enthusiasts.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's rebel for the First Day First Show tickets

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